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Diane Osgood

Diane Osgood, Ph.D.

A Pragmatic, Profitable Approach
Our innovative solutions enable our clients to profitably deliver goods and services that benefit their customers and the planet.

Our team offers extensive, global business sustainability expertise.  We focus on how sustainability can drive value creation for clients.

We enable your company to:

20 Years of Business Sustainability Experience
We provide our clients world-class facilitation and a deep understanding of the complex environmental and social issues your company faces. We bring a systems approach to innovation, and work closely with our clients to achieve game-changing breakthroughs. Our work always focuses on how sustainability can drive value creation for clients and their customers.

We’ve led successful projects for companies throughout Western and Eastern Europe, Australia, Africa, Latin and North America.

Among our clients are DuPont, Visa Inc, Rio Tinto, ANZ Bank, Syngenta, Aventis, Ford Motor Company, SigmaAlimentos, Monsanto, AgroAmerica, ADM, the World Bank, and World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

Pioneers in the Field
We helped create many tools and processes employed by sustainability and corporate social responsibility practitioners around the world. These tools include social auditing, codes of conduct, third-party verification of supply chain codes of conduct, stakeholder engagement and advisor councils.  We helped forge the path for developing products for the “base of the pyramid”, and helped companies to break new ground by engaging in difficult interactions with environmental activists.

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